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FAQ: What is the Jubilee CenterStage?

Jubilee CenterStage is a talent audition where contestants submit for the opportunity to be selected to appear on a 3 artist, 10 song compilation CD project. All of the top 10 artists selected will also be able to take advantage of a free scholarship for one (1) year of artist training at the Jubilee School in Nashville, TN. This is valued at $21,000 per artist.

ALL top 10 artists selected from their online submission also get to attend the Jubilee Artist Boot Camp. This 5 day, 6 hrs. per day intense experience is invaluable to help artists prepare for their Jubilee recording project. At the end of the five day process, 3 artists will be selected to appear on the Jubilee CenterStage Vol. 1 compilation project. An artist slot on the Jubilee CenterStage VOLUME ONE compilation is valued at $10,000.

Jubilee CenterStage Vol. 1 will record 3 artists (3 songs each), and a final song with all 3 artists appearing. A total of 10 songs on the compilation. To showcase the Jubilee CenterStage VOLUME ONE compilation live, a mini tour will feature performances in New York and San Francisco.

Last but not least, a video crew will be capturing the entire process, producing an entertaining video series called Jubilee CenterStage, based on the Jubilee CenterStage experience.

FAQ: Tell me about the boot camp. Who will conduct it? What will I do there?

The boot camp will be handled by music industry professionals including a vocal coach, a recording engineer, a music producer, and other talented industry experts. They will assist in mentoring and honing the skills of participating artists and prepare them for the Jubilee CenterStage competition.

FAQ: What is the Jubilee School?

The Jubilee School features a 3200 sq. foot beautiful performance auditorium with a large stage and in house PA system. It also contains an integrated Pro Tools recording studio and several classrooms.

FAQ: What should I perform for my audition?

We encourage artists to audition with songs that promote a positive message. Nothing controversial or inappropriate, please.

FAQ: What songs will be used for the actual compilation project?

Artists can sing original songs, or songs from other sources. Jubilee Entertainment and the artist will collaborate on song selection and stylistic direction for the project.

FAQ: Describe what the mini tour of New York and San Francisco consists of?

We have Jubilee Entertainment satellite offices in those areas. We will partner with them to set up performances at a medium size venue (300 seats and up) in each city.

FAQ: Where will Jubilee CenterStage VOLUME ONE compilation be released? Any radio, TV, social media exposure, etc.?

The compilation will be available through standard online music outlets such as iTunes and other streaming services. Physical copies will be pressed, as well. Plans for promotion are also being formulated.

FAQ: How do I enter to be considered for this opportunity?

All submissions will be handled through SonicBids. There will be a $5 fee.

FAQ: What about transportation and lodging for the event?

Artists are responsible for their own transportation, meals, and lodging. There are hotels minutes from the Jubilee School location as well as a number of good restaurants.

FAQ: Who is Jubilee Entertainment?

Jubilee has a commitment in providing excellence and exceptional talent with an unwavering vision to glorify God and his name. Our staff strives to create a positive, challenging and rewarding environment for our artists, songwriters, producers and partners. We strive to impact popular culture and worship via music and media.

Jubilee Entertainment consists of Jubilee Music Group which houses Jubilee artists, songwriters and in house producers. Our Nashville facility features a 3200+ square foot auditorium with performance stage, 300 seating and digitally automated PA/ lighting system. In addition, our facility includes a video green screen, Pro Tools recording studio with 2 tracking rooms, production suite and training center.

Along with the production facility, The Jubilee School discovers, trains and develops artists with it's various curriculums, camps and workshops. This prepares artists for success and then markets and promotes their music across a wide array of formats, media and platforms under the Jubilee Entertainment umbrella.

Their facilities include:

Main Auditorium

The 3200+ square foot auditorium features a 35' performance stage, 300 seating and digitally automated PA/lighting system. Our auditorium is equipped to handle sermons, worship, concerts, video production, recording and special events. Additionally, the auditorium is used to teach live sound and live production for students at The Jubilee School.

Recording Studio

From live instrument and ensemble recording to post production, our studio was designed for the most demanding and versatile projects. With integration to the main auditorium performance stage, we can accommodate any sized recording project.

Training/Lecture Center

The Jubilee School training center provides our instructors the adequate environment to lecture and train inspiring artists. The center features 3 private classrooms, main lecture stage with 600 sq ft of seating, PA system, 600 sq ft seating/desk area, 3 private classrooms and 20' lecture stage.

visit www.jubileeent.com